Monday, July 19, 2010

In two years time I'll be rolling around drunk on fruit

The rest of my fruit trees went in today.  I didn't plant them though.  I'm slightly ashamed to say that I hired a gardener to clear the weeds up the back of my garden and he put in the fruit trees at the same time.  The garden[weed]beds had been there since I moved in last September and the ground is prohibitively dense and hard to dig.  Many of the weeds had mega roots and I destroyed two gardening forks in an attempt to clear them.  In the end it seemed like a happy compromise to get someone stronger than me to dig them up.

The decided order in the end (from the left) Granny Smith/Pink Lady Apple; Stella/ White Cherry, Moorpark Apricot, Goldmine Nectarine (white), and Santa Rosa Plum.  The decision was mainly due to sunlight.

 From the other side, with the rhubarb in the foreground

The Greengage/ Goldendrop Plum tree planted yesterday


  1. Lucy, are you going to espalier the trees? (And I completely understand re getting someone in to do the 'hard stuff').

  2. I looked at espaliering the trees but decided against it for a couple of reasons. I like the look of normal trees as opposed to espaliered ones, plus I'd have to build a frame which costs time and money. I can't build it against the crumbling fence because it will have to be replaced in a few years. It's really a lot less labour intensive to leave them as regular trees (even if I will have to invest in a ladder!).

    Have you ever espaliered trees Jane?

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  4. Nope, but I'd like to due to space constraints. What you've said makes sense though.

    Have you started saving jars for all your jam and bottling?? :)

  5. Space constraints, and for the vertically challenged (such as myself) espaliered trees are a godsend!

    Hmmm... will have to start saving again. Good point. I used them all up on the cucumbers: