Sunday, December 6, 2009

Catch up post. The garden's original state

I set this blog up as a visual garden diary.  I want to record images of my garden so I can look back in years and exclaim 'oooh, it was so naked' (obviously I'm planning on a few more trees), or 'gee, look at all those weeds' (which I'm actually doing still at the moment'.  I also want to record what works, what doesn't, my mistakes, what I've planted (easily forgotten), creatures that lurk under leaves or emerge by night... and so on....

I've been living in the house for 2 months now, and in that time I've have planted and weeded in both the front (pretty flowers, ornamental etc.) and back (vegies, fruit, practical stuff), but have only scratched to surface really.  I'll be doing some catch up posts ie.  how the garden looked before I even bought it through to the present.

So here are a couple of images of the garden when I inspected the house:

The front yard

The side of the house (unfortunately, by the time I moved in all the daffodils had gone for the season)


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