Monday, December 7, 2009

Worm Farms

I found out that Hobart City Council sells subsidised worm farms, and have ordered one for just after Christmas, along with a 'starter pack' of 250g of worms.  They tend to be over $100, the ones that I've seen in stores around Hobart, but the council is selling them for $77 to HCC residents.

The worm farm is going to be in addition to the compost heap mentioned in the last post.  You can use worm 'wee', which are the juices that leak to the bottom of the 'farm'.  It makes great liquid fertilizer.  I just bought some from Lenah Vallery Primary School (I wish my school had such hands on and dirty stuff as worm farms when I was a kid), and I'm looking forward to making my own.


  1. Ah, cool. Perhaps I also shall put an order in. Pet worms!

  2. not the kind of pet that you can curl up with in front of tele in the evening...