Thursday, February 11, 2010

Beans, Beans, Beans

I'm currently distributing my beans throughout the land (well, friends and neighbours and the freezer, at least).  I did a big harvest last night because I had heaps of big beans on all the plants, and not only were the dwarf bushes straining under the weight, but I've discovered that big beans don't taste as good as small beans.  Here's my harvest being washed in the sink:

I'm so happy.

I also made a big batch of pesto from my thriving basil plants.  I planted some 'control' basil in a couple of pots, then some in the ground next to my tomato plants (companion planting at work), and it turns out that they much prefer the ground.  The pot ones are all runt-like, whereas the ground ones are mega.  They were all struggling a bit at one point (pots and ground), but I gave them a feed with some Seasol and they turned a dark green and grew rapidly.  So that's what they wanted (I'm still learning....).

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