Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sculpting the Garden II

In my previous entry, I posted pictures from the first two days of the Easter Garden Sculpting Extravaganza (as it is now officially titled, headline style and all).  I'm a bit overwhelmed by the lack of greenery in the new garden beds, but the layout is pretty much finished (5 minutes before the parental units were due to be driven to the airport).

Here are the pictures of the last day and a half in chronological order:

My dad smoothing out the sand that the pavers will sit on for the seating area

One of the dogs (Sage this time, I think) walked through the finally level sand

Just as most of the pavers were laid, Pip walked through the very small unpaved area. Again.

Pip looking constructive

The finished beds

purdy shapes

'steps' up to the contemplative spot. I will be sticking my refurbished tipshop bench up there under a magnolia tree

view to the domain/eastern shore (and ugly garden shed) from the contemplative spot

"there's a wolf in my garden!"

And for my next task:

my poor rhubarb plants waiting to be split replanted in their new home


  1. Oh am I ever jealous. And becoming more dangerous the more I stare at your work. It's making me itchy to do something in my yard. Anything. I'm so sick of container gardening. Maybe next year.

  2. Start planning now. I have been drawing ideas for over a year now and I've only completed phase 2 of the garden overhaul so far.

    My one really annoying restriction is the concrete path that forces geometry. It costs way too much to get it removed. As you can probably tell, all the bricks are recycled and it's a very DIY, low-cost job. It'll take me awhile to save up for the plants, but that's why I did it in Autumn: so the weeds don't grow as much while I'm planting it out.