Tuesday, August 30, 2011

fruit tree awakening

Japanese Plum
My Japanese plum tree sprouted first, and the nectarine and apricot have weakly followed.  This is their second spring in my garden, so I don't have high hopes for produce this year. 

The daffs are showing off with their massive bright heads, and the rhubarb plants are enjoying their new freedom. They've settled in well, and I now realise that rhubarb is pretty hardy. I delayed moving them in fear of killing them, but they seem to be happier than ever, despite my brutal hacking (and it was violent and bloody - I still have the scar). Unfortunately, they now seem to be celebrating by seeding. 

Nectarine buds


Is this a bluebell?

black pansy

The damn rhubarb plants keep trying to flower


  1. The plum, apricot and nectarine trees look beautiful! Oh how I hate my poorly sunned, generally western-facing balcony!

  2. That black pansy is so pretty. My apple tree is doing very poorly this year; we lost a ton of fruit during the heatwave and now they're rotting on the tree before falling. I'm going to have someone give it a proper go-over next spring to trim it into shape so, hopefully, it will not have the same problems.

    I'd like a fig tree next year.

  3. The black pansies are rarely perfectly black - some mongrel bug always comes and eats or slimes over it. They're beautiful though, aren't they?

    I think they say you should pick all the fruit and dispose of it so it doesn't get all fungal and infectious.