Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'll come back when the bulbs are flowering

bulb-surrounded naked fruit trees
As my previous posts indicate, I've been dancing round the other hemisphere for a couple of months. There's nothing like 2 summers!  My lovely sister house sat for me, and not only looked after the garden, but planted half the current garden.  At Easter, I blogged about digging up the massive patch of bulbs, which I then stashed away to replant a couple of month later. Of course, I didn't get around to it, but Clo did it while I was away. House Elf to the rescue!

from the paved area (spot my lovely new mandarin and magnolia trees)
daffs are a sproutin'
My family trekked down to Tassie for Easter, and I put them to work (picture me with whip).  Collectively, we built this whole landscaped side area, and I transferred the rhubarb from the square up the back, to act as decorative (but delicious) border plants around the scallops.  They're starting to sprout back, as you can see from the photos.  I should give a giant shout out to my dad, who did more grunt work than the rest of us combined. He's a star.

Pip's helping to garden by devouring a bone twice her size.

Clo bought this little guy today. He's meant to be scary.
 Below you can see House Elf's (oh sorry, Clo's) amazing vegie garden effort:



 My Japanese plum has broken through and is the first of my budding deciduous trees for the season:

for the living room


  1. That looks fantastic! Great work. I wish I had the same motivation. I look at my back yard and think it's just too much to do to bring it under control & get all disillusioned. Maybe I need to invite the family for a working bee :)

    We have one of those statues too (or whatever they are) - it's a dog called Rusty. He's very cool.

  2. Seriously, I would never have done that landscaping on my own. That's what family's for (;

    Also, I have grander plans for the garden, but instead of redoing the whole thing, I've just been changing it bit by bit. The one thing I'd like to change NOW is the hardest: I want the trees to grow.