Saturday, August 20, 2011

My first asparagus

Now I thought it took 3 years before an edible asparagus formed, but one year after digging them in, one of my crowns has delivered a wonderful specimen:

asparagus amongst the daffodils
I planted five crown last year, but most got dug up by the idiot blackbirds. After spotting the lovely stalk,  I decided to visit Salamanca Market at lunch today and buy a few more crowns to replace the four that had been destroyed. So now I have six.

I also stuck in a number of Rialto Fragrant Lilium bulbs.  There's a good bulb stall at the markets which sells seasonally only those ready to plant straight away.  I didn't plan to buy bulbs at the markets, but I guess there are worse things to impulse buy.

I might post an image of the ceremonial inaugural asparagus picking tomorrow...

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